Free Movies - 123movies 04/24/2019 12:21pm (UTC)

Free Movies - 123movies

What is 123movies?

123movies is an Internet site offering free movies to stream. After seeing the site mentioned online several times, I decided to investigate. After all, free is always good, right? Here’s what I found:


According to sitecheck.sucuri.net, the 123movies site could be infected with malware. Securi also checked with 12 blacklists and 123movies was not listed. Knowing this, I wasn’t surprised when every click on the site produced a pop up window. However, my rudimentary malware software didn’t protest so I simply closed them all and forged ahead.


123movies makes it easy to find a movie. The selection of movies also seems to be quite good, for a free site. The search function is basic, quick and easy to use.

Selecting a Movie
The pop up windows were annoying and so numerous that I stopped waiting for them to load before I snapped them closed. While the movie did buffer and begin to play, it would play a couple seconds then wait to buffer again. I gave every movie I selected a 2 minute time limit, but could not get anything to actually play. 123movies doesn’t appear to have any form of “Help” or “FAQ”.


A cell phone had better luck with the site and I managed to watch several episodes of a TV series. The phone and computer were both using the same Wi-Fi network, eliminating the possibility of network speed or bandwidth being the cause of the earlier issues.


While 123movie did deliver what it promised – movies for free, I found the site to be very difficult to use due to the heavy pop ups and lack of instructions. I would exercise caution when using this site because of the high risk of malware infection.

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